Durant, Mott

  • In 1905 Buick Motors produced 750 Buick Model C automobiles at the Jackson Michigan Plant. The Model C differed physically only slightly from the Model B including a foot-operated service brake and an optional cape cart top. The price, however, increased to $1,200.00.
  • In 1905, Durant began selling, building, and acquiring. In January, he and Buick went to the New York Auto show and sold orders for as many as a thousand Buick cars. He secured new financing of $2.6 million from Flint Banks by selling them Buick Motors stock. On November 1, ground was broken for a new 5-1/2 acre, three story manufacturing facility on a 22 acre parcel of land purchased from the daughter of a farmer named Hamilton. When completed, the Buick Hamilton Avenue Plant would be the largest manufacturing facility in the world. Durant also embarked on his trademark operational strategy of acquiring parts suppliers for Buick Motor manufacturing operations. The headquarters for all of these operations was the Durant-Dort Office Building on 316 West Water Street. (This building today is a registered National Landmark and is used as a museum.)
  • On June 4, 1905 Durant sent a letter to Charles Stewart Mott, President of the Weston-Mott Company, Utica, New York, producer of axles for Buick, offering him money and a new manufacturing facility next to the new Buick facility in exchange for a long term contract to supply axles to Buick Motors. Mott accepted and moved his company and family to Flint in 1907.
  • 1906: In the summer, the Weston-Mott and the new Buick Manufacturing buildings on Hamilton Avenue, Flint, Michigan were completed. Buick introduced its first 4-cylinder engine. Buick produced 1,400 automobiles at its Jackson, Michigan facility offering the Model C, Model F, Model G, and Model D. The Model D was a brand new car with Buick’s first 4-cylinder 235 CID, 30 hp engine. It was priced at $2,500 and 523 Model D cars were sold.
  • 1907: With the Buick Hamilton Avenue Manufacturing facilities in operation, Buick built 4,641 automobiles, second only to Ford who produced 14,887.
  • David Buick left Buick Motor Company permanently sometime in 1908 and cashed in all of his stock for $100,000. His son Thomas left earlier to establish a brass foundry.
  • 1908: Buick becomes the world’s leading producer of automobiles building 8,820 (Ford produced 6,181 and Cadillac produced 2.380). Buick introduced the new Model 10, a light roadster powered by a 4-cylinder 165 CID, 22.5 hp valve-in-head engine. The three passenger (two in front, one in back) car was priced at $900. A production total of 4,002 Buick Model 10’s were made which accounted for almost half the total yearly production of 8,820 Buick automobiles. It was nicknamed the “White Streak.”

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